What was the idea behind making the bold move to start my accounting business as a CPA?

Having taught tennis since my teenage years, this side hustle is what first opened my eyes to the benefits and intricacies of having my own business.

There are many aspects of teaching tennis that I really enjoy. Of course just getting paid to play a sport I love is awesome in itself, but there’s more to it.

Teaching tennis was my first go at being self-employed and having the ability to plan my own schedule. While I started off with teaching tennis lessons, I later began to also tutor for math and accounting, during my time at university. This tutoring service for college students eventually transformed into accounting training for business owners. Now, I work with owners and their employees in different industries and train them in how to use QuickBooks. This is a service that we offer today at AZ Easy CPA and it can be done remotely right from your phone.

Teaching tennis also opened my eyes to the world of teaching. I noticed how every student learns at a different pace, with each needing a personalized approach to better facilitate their learning. Seeing my student’s progress has always been a very wholesome feeling. Today, while working in the accounting world, I try to keep a teacher’s mindset by being mindful of my client’s thought-process involving accounting and their own unique ways of learning. 

I am grateful to be able to work with great people from different industries and to have the ability to figure a simple, yet personalized, process that is best for each of them. So just like teaching tennis, training small business owners on how to implement and manage their accounting systems is a job that I enjoy and that gives me a chance to provide great value and stand-out to my clients. 

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